UPSC Geo-Scientists & Geologists 2016 Syllabus,Exam Pattern

UPSC Geo-Scientists & Geologists 2016 Syllabus,Exam Pattern:

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The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) habitually known as UPSC every year conducts the exam for Geo-Scientists & Geologists. Scholars from every corner of India who have Geo-Scientists & Geologists can enroll in this exam.Candidates always show their massive interest and confidence in this Job because UPSC considered one of the toughest examination boards.

UPSC Geo-Scientists | Geologist Syllabus 2016

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Scholars who have their dream to join this post and studied geography and its various branches and subjects in college education and more can take part in the Geo-Scientists & Geologists examination.


Geo-Scientists & Geologists exam is done in offline mode and consist many papers which details are given below in details:

Paper Time Duaration Marks
General English 180 minutes 100
Category-I Geologists  
Geology paper 1 180 minutes 200
Geology Paper 2 180 minutes 200
Geology paper 3 180 minutes 200
Category-II Geo Physicists
Geo Physics paper 1 180 minutes 200
Geo Physics paper 2 180 minutes 200
Geo Physics paper 3 180 minutes 200


Paper Sections
Category-I Geologists
Geology paper 1 1.       Geomorphology and Remote Sensing

2.       Structural Geology

3.       Geoteconics

4.       Straitigraphy

5.       Palaeontology

Geology Paper 2 1.       Mineralogy

2.       Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

3.       Sedimentology

4.       Geochemistry

5.       Environmental Geology

Geology paper 3 1.       Indian Mineral Deposits and Mineral Economics

2.       Ore Genesis

3.       Mineral Exploration

4.       Geology of Fuels

5.       Engineering Geology

Category-II Geo Physicists
Geo Physics paper 1 Part A-100 Marks

1. Solid Earth Geo Physics

2. Earthquake and Engineering Seismology

3. Mathematical Methods in Geophysics

4. Geophysical Inversions

Part B-100 Marks

1.       Mathematical Methods of Physics

2.       Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

3.       Electrodynamics

4.       Introductory Atmospheric and Space Physics

Geo Physics paper 2 Part A-100 Marks

1.       Geophysical Potential Fields(Gravity and Magnetic)

2.       Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods

3.       Seismic Prospecting

4.       Borehole Geophysics

Part B-100 Marks

1.       Atomic and Molecular Physics and Properties and Characterization of Materials

2.       Nuclear and Particle Physics

3.       Electromagnetic Theory

4.       Classical Mechanics

Geo Physics paper 3 Part A-100 Marks

1.       Radio Metric Exploration/ Airborne Geophysical Surveys for Geological mapping

2.       Marine Geophysics

3.       Geophysical Signal Processing

4.       Remote Sensing and GIS Applications

Part B-100 Marks

1.       Solid State Physics

2.       Laser systems

3.       Laser cavity Modes

4.       Electronics and Devices

5.       Digital electronic, Radar Systems, Satellite communications

6.       Quantum Mechanics

Name of the Examiner: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

Name of the Post: Geo-Scientists & Geologists Exam-2016

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